The MycroCam is small in size and weight however don’t let that fool you into thinking that this isnt a full-fledged video camera.

This MycroCam is only 5 cm’s long and 17 grams in weight, so it fits in any pocket and is easy to transport.

It is also easy to use, designed with only two buttons, it is ready for use within seconds!

Ideal for all sports and leisure activities, and surveillance operations as car camera, etc.


Its small but packs a MIGHTY punch!

Mycrocam may weight only 17 grams but boy does it pack a lot into its minuscule size!


  • Video recording with sound, photo, webcam
  • 30 fps 5 megapixel photo resolution
  • LED capture control
  • Water resistant housing
  • Compression with H.264 codec
  • Up to 1 h recording time, Battery lasts 200 hours on standby
  • Microphone for sound recording
  • Plug and play and battery charging via USB
  • Integrated function which can almost double the recording time.

Tech Specs

Video resolution1280 x 720px
MemoryMicro SD card up to 32 GB
Power supply5V via USB
Height12 mm
Width32 mm
Weight17 g

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TV Cable and Basic Mount included
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Just Search for Mycrocam in YouTube and you’ll find hundred of examples of footage. Here are some of our favourites to tease your tastebuds for this awesome camera!

MycroCam Introduction
MycroCam Video
MycroCam Video
MycroCam Video
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